Bags and Bags o’ Trash

I moved at the beginning of this month, and I tell you what…I threw out bag after bag of trash. I am not joking when I say that I literally threw away thirty-plus bags of trash. It is like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. What I am most excited to get rid of are the items I have yet to discard of. My wife and I took all… Read More »

June 2014: The Most Dead Weight, Ever

It’s June 2014, and I’ve got the most dead weight ever. Sure, I’ve shed a few pounds, a couple of thousand dollars of debt, and about fifteen bags of trash, but overall, I’m the most maxed out I’ve ever been–in debt, weight, and possessions. This month my wife and I are purchasing our first home. Putting 10% down, we’re still taking on over $100,000 in mortgage debt. So, without a… Read More »

The Purge (of Junk from my House)

If you were victim to last year’s movie The Purge, I’m sorry. That being said, there will be a purge at my house over the next few weeks–it may get violent. It’s official, I’m a homeowner. It’s an exciting and tedious experience. Therefore, the last thing I want to do is move a bunch of junk that I don’t ever need or want. In the last ten years, I have moved… Read More »

The Hardest Dead Weight to Shed

As I look at my progress from the last few months, I hate to say, I haven’t done as well as I had originally hoped (shedding dead weight is hard!). Although, that’s not to say that I haven’t made any progress. Debt Of all three of my goals, debt seems to be what I’m handling the best. My constant battle to thwart frivolous spending seems to be working. I’m spending… Read More »

Digital Clutter: The Constant Renewals

It seems like every digital purchase or subscription is set up for automatic renewal these days. Who cares if that $7.99 subscription to Netflix gets renewed monthly, or that $12.00 domain gets automatically renewed annually?  I do…! $8.00 here, $12.00 there; it all adds up. By turning off your automatic renewals, you will be able to pay down debt and save money. Additionally, all the automatic renewals lead to digital… Read More »