Finding What Works for You

There is not a plan for everyone. When trying to lose weight, you have to find what works for you. Diets, pills, starvation–those might work for some people, but not for me. I’ve tried numerous weight loss plans, but what works for me the most is plain old exercise. I’m not saying that exercise is all I do, but it is what has always led to my success. There are… Read More »

Childhood Memorabilia – One Man’s Trash

As I’m purging my home of trash and junk, I’ve run across boxes and boxes of childhood memorabilia. Lego sets, stuffed animals, basketball cards; all items that I have no interest in keeping and will never use again. That being said, as I look at some of them, they do tug at my heartstrings. I packed up all my stuffed animals and took them to my parents to collect an… Read More »

Too Fat for Rides: A Sad Realization

For the first time in my life, my weight has deterred me from living life. I went to an amusement park / water park the other day, and I was shocked when I saw a weight limit on several of the rides. It was a sad realization to realize I was too fat for rides. To be honest, I hadn’t been to a theme park in almost a decade (roughly… Read More »

How to Make Starbucks Iced Coffee

I found a way to make Starbucks iced coffee–for a fraction of the cost, at home. It is simple and saved my wife and I a fortune that we were regularly spending on Starbucks iced coffee. While the process takes a while (roughly eight hours and ten minutes), that is because most of the time is spent on this instruction: “cover and allow to sit at room temperature for eight hours… Read More »

TwoFoods: A weight loss asset on the web

I just stumbled across the most useful website–TwoFoods. While the idea itself is nothing original, the usability of the website makes the daunting chore of comparing “Nutrition Facts,” well, less daunting. The following picture is an example, from the website, comparing  watermelon vs. pear. Once can clearly see that TwoFoods has broken down calories, cards, fat, and protein. Furthermore, you can narrow down to the specific type of pear if… Read More »